At NEST Psychological we believe in evaluating developing minds so that a strong foundation can be built. What does that mean in simple terms?

We believe that our clients’ futures start today with a solid foundation built for growth. Treating only the symptoms our clients are currently experiencing is not that useful if we don’t investigate potential hidden disabilities and prepare them for what could be lurking around the corner.

For example: If we evaluate a child’s ADHD based only on a normal school environment how are they then prepared for when a pandemic hits and that school environment is taken away forcing them to learn virtually?

We pride ourselves on thinking beyond just the baseline needs. Our evaluations are designed and meant to build for the future. Many people may feel overwhelmed by the amount of information learned through this process. It is our intent to break things down in an easy to understand and client-centered approach, and we’re always a phone call away for continued discussion.

Our services include:

Comprehensive Neuropsychological Evaluations

Our most comprehensive evaluation provides detailed information about you or your child’s overall functioning. We spend between five and eight hours learning about you or your child through diagnostic assessment and direct evaluation with a licensed psychologist, and then spend over an hour with you teaching the ins and outs of what we learned. You are provided a report with all the information, in addition to any information other providers or schools might request.

Specific, Hourly Assessments/ Psychoeducational Assessments

Looking for a specific answer? Whether it be ADHD, Learning Disabilities, or academic achievement, we can provide a tailored assessment in one specific area.

Independent Education Evaluations

At NEST Psychological we have experience working within and alongside school districts. We provide Independent Education Evaluations tailored to school standards, to save you frustration at your next Multidisciplinary Evaluation Team meeting.

Gifted Evaluations

NEST Psychological uses Arizona state approved gifted testing in our evaluations. Our gifted assessments are performed in a one-to-one setting with a licensed psychologist using interactive assessments. No group testing, scantrons, or computers.

Special Education Trainings for Parents

We believe parents are their child’s best advocates in the school setting. We teach parents how to advocate for their children by arming them with knowledge they might not otherwise obtain. Trainings range from one consultative session to full academic review and meeting preparation.

Special Education Advocacy

Feel like you need a friendly face in the room or someone on your side of the table? We are available to attend school meetings. During school meetings we act as an interpreter of school jargon so you understand what is being proposed and convey your wants and needs in terms the school recognizes. We provide insight on accommodations, modifications, and goals. We are also well versed in special education law to ensure a child’s needs are being met to their fullest.

Individual Therapy/ Parent Training

At NEST Psychological, we provide individual therapy to children, adolescents, and adults. We use a variety of methodologies including play therapy, person-centered psychotherapy, emotion-focused therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in out treatment, depending on your provider.

15 -30 minute Consultations are always free, to determine help determine the best next steps for your family

Get in touch with us today so we can get you or your child started on the road to a better future.