We bring a specific approach and attitude toward different individuals, that best optimizes their evaluation and future performance.

Children/Adolescents ~ between the ages of 4 & 18:

There are many influences that can contribute to your child’s development; however, there are also numerous factors that might lead to psychological problems during their development. Factors can include school, parenting, external social pressures, and even self-esteem. All of which, and more, need to be evaluated in order to properly help your child succeed at life.

Emerging Adults ~ between the ages of 18 & 25:

The in-between years in a person’s life have a unique range of challenges and hurdles. Suddenly all responsibility is firmly placed on you and you have to decide what is best. Some people have a support network that offers support and others don’t. We help evaluate problem areas for these “in-betweeners” allowing them to successfully launch.

Adults ~

We offer evaluations for adult ADHD and learning disabilities. We also offer counseling for adults with an array of life circumstances. Feeling stuck? Misunderstood? Adjusting to something new in life? We are here to help. NEST Psychological offers counseling through a variety of modalities, whichever fits your needs best.